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The Nose Knows Not

But the brain does. New to the concept of using aromatherapy to treat common, everyday issues like stress, fatigue, focus, and mood?  I don’t know about you, but I can experience them all monitoring one homework session with my sixth-grader. If you want relief from any of these issues, I […]

Battling the Back to School Bedtime?

If you’re anything like me – a mom with a late tween whose sleep habits already resemble those of a sullen teenager; you’re probably wringing your hands in anticipation of re-adjusting their body clocks to remotely resemble those of typical, productive mere mortals. For me, in particular, the question I […]

Join the Oils for Healing Summit

  The Oils for Healing Summit began today, but it’s not too late to sign up and join the teleconference that spans the next 12 days. The host, Holli Smith, will interview aromatherapy experts daily. Register here for this free telesummit.  Learn: The difference between therapeutic grade and perfume grade essential […]

Ignite your health with Spark Health!

We’re so excited to introduce you to our newest retail location – Spark Health – a personalized natural medicine clinic in sunny San Diego. Spark is led by medical director and naturopathic physician, Dr. Aliza Cicerone. Patients at Spark receive personalized natural medicine care determined by comprehensive diagnostics and the latest naturopathic […]