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The Nose Knows Not

But the brain does.

New to the concept of using aromatherapy to treat common, everyday issues like stress, fatigue, focus, and mood?  I don’t know about you, but I can experience them all monitoring one homework session with my sixth-grader. If you want relief from any of these issues, I urge you to read on.  A little time invested now will ensure you make the best aromatherapy remedy choice.

You might think that just smelling an orange scent might do the trick to brighten your mood.  It smells ‘happy’ right?   Having your kid scribble on your arm or furniture with an orange marker won’t brighten your mood.  But, you already know that.  Your nose does not get to make that distinction.  So, why does that ‘happy trigger’ occur?

It’s chemistry.

Pure essential oils occur in plants: the blossom, leaf, stem, fruit, bark, resin or wood.  It is no easy feat to harvest, requiring expensive processes of distillation or extraction.  It takes 8000 individual blossoms of jasmine, hand picked, to produce just 1 ml of jasmine essential oil. That’s a lot of flowers.

That explains why, if you’re buying a candle or soap, they are usually made from fragrance oils.  They may smell nice but fragrance oils are synthetic, can be toxic, and have no therapeutic traits.  Very rarely will manufacturers of such products use 100% pure essential oils because they are expensive to use!   If you truly want healing and therapeutic benefits, along with a wonderful scent, be an aromatherapy snob…  read the label and look for 100% pure essential oils.

OK, you caught me.  We just ‘happen’ to use only 100% pure essential oils, mostly organic, sustainably farmed, and sourced from all over the world to guarantee the highest therapeutic benefit. You have no real reason to believe me, but I encourage you to do a little research of your own.  You’ll learn that at minimum you need 100% pure, so I invite you to try our ‘breathe me’ line.  For a limited time, my need to tout that ours are PURE will get you a 15% discount on all our products; they are after all, ALL pure.  Use code PURE at checkout to take advantage.


affect of scent on the brain

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Jack is a business and marketing executive. Her current role as VP, Business Development for Nectar Essences has her busy running corporate sales and marketing for this fast growing, Bay Area start-up, wellness company. Nectar Essences provides therapeutic-grade aromatherapy remedies that combat normal, everyday complaints such as; insomnia, stress, mood, focus and immune systems.

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