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Need an Aromatherapy Remedy but don’t know what to take? Take our Quick Quiz!


Are you someone who prefers to do things the natural way? Are you actively working to cultivate health and wellness? Do you love the benefits of natural remedies but sometimes get discouraged by the amount of time and research that goes into the selection process?

Much of going the natural route requires dedication to educating yourself about what you put into your body. And let’s face it. Sometimes when we have a headache or aren’t feeling well, we just want a quick fix. We want someone to tell us what to take.

Well, never to fear. Instead of standing in the remedy/ aromatherapy section of your local health food store with your eyes glazed over by the myriad of options, take our QUICK AROMATHERAPY QUIZ to determine your remedy! Lucky for you, aromatherapy can work instantaneously to transform your mood or disrupt the pain response. Because the sense of smell is directly connected to the brain, you can get your quick fix through essential oils!  (Remember! Our formulas are made with scientifically validated combinations of essential oils which means you get effective remedies that are safe and smell great!)

Click here for the quiz :

Are you an avid learner? Someone who wants to take it a step further? Here are two other ways to get your perfect remedy.

1) Download and print out our FULL EVALUATION – It only takes 3 minutes to complete. Just answer the Yes and No questions to determine the best remedies to help you decrease stress, sleep better, boost immunity and feel BETTER overall!

2) Search by your Complaint or Concern

Common complaints such as sleeplessness, pain, muscle aches or the blues can be searched in our database. You can then click on the recommended remedy. Voila! It’s that simple.

AND IF ALL ELSE FAILS, email us at We’re here to help you select the right remedies for you.

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Jenny Pao, Founder

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