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Share your thoughts –  add you experience with Nectar essences on the form below.  Be sure to include the name of the product you are referencing. Thanks!

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  1. Hey chica! It was so good to see you. I wanted to tell you that when I got home the other night my cat was all wound up cause I had been gone for so long. So I got out your spray and I sprayed it on his bed. He started to smell it and then rubbed his head on the bed and rolled in it and was licking his paws, and he calmed down totally. I have never seen him react to something like that. It was really cool. Not to mention how much I use it and love it. Well I just wanted to share that. Keep me updated! FUN!


  2. Where to begin with my Nectar De-stress experience? You can’t stop at the first spray, you keep wanting more & more… She could market it as mini-orgasms in a bottle! Thank you for creating a scent that makes me purrrrr.


  3. Jenny,

    I can’t sleep without “Sleep”! I was on a red-eye flight yesterday wishing that I had a mini bottle of sleep with me… I know that if I had it, I would have slept like a baby. Instead, I’m falling asleep at my computer… time for some “Awake”!

    I truly have to say that “Sleep” has changed my life. I usually have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, but when I use the Nectar Sleep spray, I know that I’m going to get the good night’s rest that I really need!

    Thanks Jen for offering this remedy!

  4. I love all three sprays that I have! They are all soothing and smell wonderful! It’s very comforting and I love knowing that it was created from such a natural source by people who are devoted to this product and the results it brings. Love, love, love it!

  5. the moment i met jenny (lucky me, we got to sit next to each other on a flight to san francisco…), i sensed a kindred spirit. i have been using her “sleep” remedy ever since. with all that’s going on in the world, it’s been difficult to quiet my mind enough to get a good night’s sleep…but the sleep essence is helping enormously. i’ve also been using it during yoga and meditation…it works wonderfully to dissipate and soothe unsettled energy.

  6. Ciao Bella, The other nite we had our grandson Gabriel he is 3yrs old. His mom has recently changed his nap patterns and he was over tired when it is time to sleep. He was at our house, spending the nite with us and he didn’t want to go to bed. So Bryan told him he would read him a story, which works well. He loves to be read to. So I am in the bathroom getting ready for bed and I hear him still resisting. So I took the Sleep Nectar Essence and told them to close their eyes and I sprayed them both. Gabriel said to me what is that, and I told him it was magic from the flowers, and it was to relax him so he could sleep, I kissed him goodnight and left the room. I was putting on my pj’s and it was so quiet I went to see why. When I came into the bedroom they were both sound asleep. This was within 5 to 10 minutes. Amazing!! Then the next day my little grandson says to me Me Me I think the that spray you put on me last night is all gone can I have so more. He loved it, so I purchased him his own spray for an addition to his night time rituals. Thank you Jenny I Love my essences, I use them all the time. I use that Destress everyday and the sleep every night! I have been sleeping better and waking up feeling more rested. I Love you and I am happy for your success. All my Love and Light Lindsay

  7. as a midwife sleep is precious and being awake and calm when i need to be is essential
    thanks jen to all your nectar essences they have become a vital part of my self-healing toolkit!

  8. Hi I just want to say thank you for your amazing product.
    I am a Reiki teacher from Argentina, currently living in San Diego California. I use the product Sleep in my sessions and the effect on the receptor’s work have improve very much.
    There is something in this blend that brings people to they core with out afford
    I have being using the product for over 6 month and I am positive of the powerful use of this medicine.
    Thank you ones again

    Matias MAHIA

  9. Rec’d the product yesterday. I’ve been having problems sleeping recently, and tried the Sleep essence last night. I slept through the night.

  10. Hi Jenny —

    We love the Nectar Essences at Spabox! I often spritz myself throughout the
    day and a few days ago, my neighbor came over and asked what the smell was
    in my store — he exclaimed that it was incredible and the most intoxicating
    smell he had ever experienced. I showed him the Nectar Essences ‘De-Stress,’
    which I had recently sprayed…a few minutes later, his wife came over and
    announced “I’m supposed to buy the best smelling thing in the world that is
    over here at your store!” “My husband cannot believe how good that smells!”

    Take care,

  11. Jenny,

    Your products are wonderful. I tried some ‘Sleep’ right before bed and had no trouble sleeping. (This is pretty remarkable for me since I do have sleep problems most days of the week.)

    Thanks again for all your help. I will definitely be in touch.


  12. In my profession, I am under a tremendous amount of stress. The “Sleep” spray is the only thing that helps me calm down at night and unwind after another stressful day.

    Armando – Certified Executive Chef

  13. “I started using Nectar Essences in December 2007. The last couple of years had been extremely stressful and traumatic for me. I was having trouble falling asleep, and once I did fall asleep, I had nightmares. Upon waking, I felt lethargic, had low energy, and was experiencing some anxiety. Then I began to use Nectar’s Sleep, Awake and De-stress sprays. It became a healing ritual for me. In fact it was the only constant in my life at that time. Immediately I began to fall asleep and sleep deep without interruption. I looked forward to waking and sleeping for the first time in ages. Today, I live a vibrant and energetic life. Thank you Jenny for creating Nectar Essences and for assisting me in my healing 😉 ”

    Mistie J.

  14. All three sprays are wonderful and have become part of our family routine!
    My 12 year old daughter won’t go to sleep without “Sleep” or get up in the morning without being awoken by “Awake”. She’s always had trouble falling asleep and consequently getting up in the mornings and the ritual of using your sprays has helped so much! And as a busy mom my favorite, of course, is “De-stress”…

  15. Dear Nectar,

    Thank you so much for helping me get a restful night of sleep – finally!

    I am a wellness practitioner and have seen flower remedies around forever but hadn’t thought to try them to help me relax and get a good night’s sleep. I have just recently left a stressful marriage and have an ill parent – both of which have occupied my sleeping hours and had left me exhausted – even when I was able to sleep.

    A friend sent me the sleep and awake and suggested I try them. Although it wouldn’t have occurred to me that these would actually help – I tried anyway… and it worked.

    From the first misting of my face and pillow, I felt a sense of relaxation sweep over my body. I hadn’t felt anything like it and could only explain it as though 20 pounds of drama-like weight had been lifted. I could actually feel the vibration, and I thought “wait a minute – I found something that’s actually going to work”!!

    Then for the real test – my chronically exhausted, skeptic roommate swiped my bottle from my nightstand! I am going to order another one (and have now found my fail-safe gift for my male and female friends) rather than take mine back because I have seen such a huge shift in her. Her typical ruminating gloom has lifted, she’s sleeping and I have seen the mental, Physical and emotional shift happen right before my eyes!!

    Thank you – from both of us!

    Julianna, Rancho Santa Fe CA

  16. Hey Jenny,

    Thank you for the sprays! I haven’t tried the de-stress but “sleep” I think works – I was waking up at 1 or 2am and had a hard time falling back to sleep so I used the spray – and – I slept! You have no idea how good that felt !!!


  17. My son, 3, was having nightmares and waking up nightly with growing pains. Shortly afterwards, he developed negative associations with sleep and his bed. We tried many things to reassert positive associations with sleep. One of the most effective was creating a “family” ritual before bedtime. The cornerstone of our ritual was spraying “Sleep” and all taking a deep breath. He quickly began to sleep without nightmare and shortly was no longer afraid of sleeping. I realized the importance of Nectar essences, when I would forget to spray it and my son would say, “dad, what about the spray?”. LH

  18. Hi Jenny,

    I met you at the Green Festival and picked one of your Nectar essences – Sleep. I just want to tell you that I love it. It really does help relax me. I’m going to come by to pick up another for a Bday present.


  19. I have been using Nectar Essences with clients who have undergone physical trauma. Many individuals develop a holding pattern in the body as a result of trauma. The body has built in safety mechanism that employs in the moment of trauma to minimize injury. If the individual is not able to release that holding, it becomes a pathological resistance to the body’s own healing capacity. When I use De-Stress with these individuals, they relax within a few moments and are able to more quickly allow positive changes in their body. I have witnessed this transformation in the physical body as the softening of tissue that the client was not even aware of contracting, in the energetic body as the spontaneous dissipation of stagnation and the return of healthy energy flow, and in the emotional body as a sudden awareness of and ability to name one’s emotions around the trauma and consequent relaxation in the physical and energetic bodies.

    I like to end my sessions with Awake. It offers a sense of completion and returning the client to a grounded and present space where they can integrate the changes that have occurred.

    MT, HHP, CranioSacral Therapist

  20. I just wanted to let you know that your sleep product works wonders!! With this really bad cold that I’ve had for the last few weeks, I’ve had trouble sleeping – and when I spray your product, I’m able to fall asleep…

  21. One irony in my current life is that starting a yoga-related company introduced a new source of stress in my day!

    i’ve found that using nectar essences at our office hleps to ameliorate anxiety when things get stressful.

  22. all your products are absolutely heavenly. My husband ASKS to be misted…a definite tribute to your skill!

  23. Hi Jenny!

    Great to see you have launched your dream collection, your products look great and we wish you the very best in your journey to inspiring others with pure and natural remedies. Let’s get together soon, I’d love to see you!

    All the best!


  24. Nectar Essences really works!!!

    I’m a total and a complete technology buff, having graduated in aerospace engineering and then moving on to be a fighter pilot and presently working in the global aerospace technology business. I have no idea how emotions, stress and the human aura intertwines with organic, natural essential oils, aromas but what I do know for a fact is that the sleep remedy from Nectar Essences works like magic!

    A spray or two out of the sleep remedy bottle and it feels like I’m totally calm, relaxed and ready to sleep. It clears my head, completely de-stresses me and makes me want to lay back and relax and take a nap. I recommend it to anyone and everyone who needs a bit of peace, calm and tranquility in their lives.


  25. Dear Friends:

    I’m asking permission to use the beautiful image of the night-blooming jasmine that is on your website. I’m making a Power Point presentation about the Second Chakra for my students. It will be uploaded through YouTube privately, to just about 25 people.

    Thanks very much,
    Joy Gardner

  26. My boyfriend gave me a bottle of Sleep for Xmas. I LOVE it. I am usually tossing and turning hours before falling asleep. Using your product, I’m usually asleep within 15 minutes of spritzing.

  27. My boyfriend gave me a bottle of Sleep for Xmas.
    I LOVE it. I am usually tossing and turning hours before falling asleep.
    Using your product, I’m usually asleep within 15 minutes of spritzing.

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