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Battling the Back to School Bedtime?

If you’re anything like me – a mom with a late tween whose sleep habits already resemble those of a sullen teenager; you’re probably wringing your hands in anticipation of re-adjusting their body clocks to remotely resemble those of typical, productive mere mortals. For me, in particular, the question I wrangle with is ‘Do I pre-emptively force the adjustment prior to the beginning of the school year?’ – and suffer the slings of arrows that are sure to fly from my son’s loosening tongue.(Apparently another perk of the onset of puberty.)

Of course, like most of us, I turned to Google search in the hopes of finding an answer.  Much to my chagrin, most of what I read did not support the answer I was shopping for.  Given that we have only one week left prior to commencement of the school year, I spurned all the advice (that in my opinion was probably written by people with no kids) to start ‘early’ – three weeks early, for that matter.  And, once more, that somehow I should be following the same bed routine as my twelve year old. Then pigs flew by my window.

Some of the suggestions from the experts:

  • Keep the bed for sleeping only
  • Keep the room dark and cool
  • Turn off and remove electronics from room an hour prior
  • No caffeine past lunchtime

OK, so I can handle these suggestions but I am not three weeks out, I am one.  And, the reality is that getting him to adjust in this last week of what he so cleverly calls as “His LAST STAND of freedom” might be the end of me.  So, what am I counting on?  Honestly, I myself have become an avid user of our Nectar Essences sleep remedy and am grateful and hopeful that we have a KIDS formula that also addresses those MineCraft-driven dreams that come.  Maybe all you mothers are far more pro-active and disciplined and are secretly scowling at my rookie move of waiting until the last minute to face the reality of the new school year.  For any of you, who unfortunately resonate with my predicament, I offer you a special discount to try our Kids sleep remedy (for ages 3-17).  You can order it directly off our website and I promise we’ll do everything in our power to get it to you ASAP.  As a matter of fact, use the code ASAP at checkout to get a 15% discount.  And, feel free to pick up our adult sleep remedy for yourself with the same discount.

If you have any advice for how to help my twelve year old adjust more quickly, I welcome your comments.  After all, it takes a village.

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Jack is a business and marketing executive. Her current role as VP, Business Development for Nectar Essences has her busy running corporate sales and marketing for this fast growing, Bay Area start-up, wellness company. Nectar Essences provides therapeutic-grade aromatherapy remedies that combat normal, everyday complaints such as; insomnia, stress, mood, focus and immune systems.

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