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This  is the official blog for Nectar Essences – we are a San Francisco based company making Aromatherapy products for the mind, body, home and workplace.



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Join us on Twitter

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  1. Hello,

    I’m from LILIPOH, an international health and spiritually magazine. The issue focus of our last publication was on Flower Essence Therapy. After looking at you blog I thought you might be interested in reading some of the articles from the magazine. Here’s a link to one on our website, Dr. Edward Bach and the Invisible Science of Health.

    Christy Korrow
    Managing Editor
    Phone/ Fax 270-864-9345

    Subscribe online at

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Christy. Would you like to try some samples of our remedies?
      Please send me your address to jenny@nectaressences,com and I will happily pop some in the mail.


      Jenny Pao, Founder
      Nectar Essences

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