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Join the Oils for Healing Summit

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The Oils for Healing Summit began today, but it’s not too late to sign up and join the teleconference that spans the next 12 days. The host, Holli Smith, will interview aromatherapy experts daily.

Register here for this free telesummit. 


  • The difference between therapeutic grade and perfume grade essential oils.
  • How to integrate essential oils into you daily life for optimal health.
  • How oils and nutrition work together to sustain a healing environment in the body.

Jenny Pao, Founder of Nectar Essences, is one of the experts. Make sure you tune in for the FREE gift she offers at the end of her segment!


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Jenny Pao, Founder

2 replies

  1. How do I obtain your offer of the 2 free sample oils from the Healing Summit? I just listened to your segment today.

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