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Heather Fleming and Dr. Angela Smith are two very good friends of mine from San Diego. They just launched their website called As the name implies, they educate people about eating well and feeling great.

Heather and Angela are both from the midwest. They are strong women whose petite frames and surf wear hide this little factoid. Looking at them you would guess that these two were wheat-grass drinking Californians. Nope. They were raised on corn, beef, and dairy – the typical American diet.

In fact, Heather has told me that her entire family is overweight and border-line obese. (i hope she is not offended that I’m sharing this). She has personally changed her lifestyle and diet and is dedicated to helping people make the shift.

Dr. Angela Smith is an amazing Chiropractor and nutrition consultant. Angela is very hands-on in her approach and does a lot of soft tissue manipulation. A rare gem in San Diego, call her for any back issues.

If you would like to learn more about Conscious Nutrition, go to their website and get their nutrition booklet. It easy to follow, simple, and fun.

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Jenny Pao, Founder

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