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The College Care Package – The smell of home

I remember my freshman year like it was yesterday. My parents dropped me off in my dorm room with the mint gum colored walls and stood around as I arranged posters and unpacked my favorite things. To this day, whenever I move into a new home, I have the same ritual. I hang artwork and unpack my favorite items to help me feel “at home.”

On that August day, I clearly remember my dad motioning to my mom that it was time to go. She stood in front of my desk, looking at a picture of me and crying. I was her home and she was my home and we would be apart for the first time.

The first care packaged arrived and it was filled with vitamins, snacks and letters. My mom was a working mom so she didn’t bake cookies, but I held that box close to my nose and inhaled. Yep. It smelled like home and I felt comforted, those packages were sweet emotional soothers.  Those care packages continued to follow me throughout college even into my junior year in Central America and whenever I received one, I would capture the scent of home by breathing in deeply.

And it’s not just college freshmen who find themselves away from, and missing home. Business people who constantly have to travel for work, service men and women abroad who are protecting our country and people who find themselves displaced from a natural disaster all.

As a healer, I know how important emotional well-being is to health. All people long for home, connection and community. When it isn’t there, it can really upset a person’s emotional balance. Smell is a potent reminder of home. My aromatic and homeopathic remedy, AT HOME, is scented with the smells associated with the hearth; silver fir, ginger, lemon and jasmine. And beyond smell, AT HOME is embued with Sequoia Essence. Just imagine you are a Sequoia, rooted in the earth and growing tall and majestic. Sequoia helps people feel grounded and strong.

More about our Favorite inclusion in a College Care Package :

At Home– “Silver Fir, Ginger, Jasmine, Petitgrain” – for feeling homesick and missing home. This remedy is great for people who feel off center during times of change. As directions note, spray and inhale deeply to feel comforted. This scent is a favorite amongst men, don’t be shy to send this to your boys!

Also great for all stressors related to travel : jet-lag, fear of flying, nausea, car-sickness.

Got a college freshman who needs other forms of physical, emotional and mental support? Try our:

Focus, Brain-Boost– for mental alertness, great for concentration, studying and test taking.
Sleep- Our most popular remedy is still a great choice for helping your college freshman sleep deeply and the get rest they need to do well in school.


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