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Heal burns with Lavender Essential Oil

Sunburn? Too much sun?
Burned your hand on the oven?
Tried Aloe Vera but it’s not helping?

Get some 100 percent pure Lavender essential oil. Make sure it doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances or alcohol and put it in your First Aid Kit. You’ll be happy you did.

Sunburn :
Take pure or diluted lavender oil and apply it directly to your sunburn. It will soothe the pain of the burn and feel great. If applied quickly after the burn, the redness will quickly fade within 3 or 4 hours. Drink lots of water and reapply the lavender ever 3 hours.

Burns :
Lavender will kill the pain of a burn and and promote rapid healing. It will also reduce eventual scaring. Lavender, if applied to a burn right away, will often prevent scarring. For larger burns, lavender oil should be poured neatly onto a gauze or cloth, and applied to the burn, and renewed every few hours.

Use common sense, if it is a very serious burn, seek proper medical attention prior to using lavender on it.

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Jenny Pao, Founder

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