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Natural Hand Sanitizer

I have been traveling through Asia and everywhere I go, people are wearing face masks. I had my temperature taken as I entered a museum and was asked to use hand sanitizer when I walked into a hotel.

So, what natural alternatives exist to a hand sanitizer and face mask?

Here are my recommendations :

1) WASH with plain soap and hot water – Anti-bacterial hand soaps and hand washes disrupt the natural bacterial layer (or acid mantle) of your skin. You are always better off using hot water and soap.


2) AVOID all synthetically fragranced lotions – The chemicals in synthetic fragrances damage your skin weakening your natural defenses. 99 percent of products purchased in your supermarket will contain fragrance chemicals (including non-scented lotions). Your best bet for store bought lotions is Whole Foods, where you will find natural choices with no synthetic fragrances.

I recommend Pangea Organics products.

3) Make your own defense spray –

5 drops of tea tree essential oil

6 drops of clove essential oil

3 drops of lemon essential oil

1 drop thyme essential oil

1 drop oregano essential oil

2 oz water

5 ml vodka

Mix all ingredients and put into a spray bottle. Spray three pumps into palms of hands. Rub hands together and cup them around your nose. Inhale deeply.

Inhaling essential oils brings the phytochemicals straight into your lungs and boosts immunity.

Use liberally. Avoid spraying in eyes.

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