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Additional Information on Flower Essences

Many people have asked me recently where they can find more information about flower essences. Below I’ve placed some links to some resources in the Bay Area and abroad.

For those of you who are new to flower essences, you may not know that flower essences are equally effective when taken orally or topically. Since flower essences are vibrational remedies and work with the bio-energetic field of the body, they need not be taken orally for efficacy.

In fact, I prefer giving flower essences topically to small children and for the average adult who takes so many vitamins, herbs and medicines and can use a change in routine.

In every Nectar Essences product, you will find blends of 7 to 15 flower essences from around the world. Some of them I have created and some of them come from other amazing practitioners from around the world.

St. Germain Flower Essences – Flower essence company from brazil. Three generations of flower essence makers.  I love these essences and combine them with essences from around the world (plus essences I’ve made myself). I love these essences because they are from wildflowers and cultivated plants from around the world – they really reflect the diversity of Brazil.

Teresita Espinoza Woters – My mentor Teresita is one of the most amazing flower essence practitioners in the world. (site is in spanish). She is also an amazing teacher and person. She is very involved in the international flower essence scene.

FES – FES makes brilliant essences and they can be found in all health food stores.

Patricia Meyer – Pat is a Flower Essence Practitioner and friend. Check out her site!

Gail at Cat Faeries – Flower essences for Cats – oh yes, animals LOVE flower essences. (made is San Francisco!)

Tree Frog Farm – Flower essences from Washington State.

Bach Flowers – Nelsons makes Bach Remedies. They are a great company. Personally, I prefer the energy behind the Bach Essences made by Healing Herbs of England.
Hope this information helps!

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