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5 Easy Tips to Reducing Office Stress

1) Take a walk around the office or grounds . It’ll only take 5 minutes and the increased oxygen and circulation will have you feeling more mentally stimulated and ready to face the task at hand. Leave a pair of walking shoes at your desk.

2) Rest eyes every hour. Put a screen saver on your monitor that reminds you to do eye saving exercises. Try these exercises :

3) Drink water – stay hydrated…and take the time to walk to the water cooler and back to your desk. Water is essential for a creative mind.

4) Breathe deeply – essential oils encourage you to take deep breaths – I recommend lemon for concentration and vitality and lavender for relaxation. Put two drops of essential oils in your palms, cup hands and bring hands to nose. Inhale deeply. Repeat.

5) Bring  Flowers to the Office – Who says your office or cubicle has to be stark and dreary? Bring life into your office with plants or a long blooming flower ( like an orchid). Gazing at flowers improves mood. Reference this study on flowers affecting mood from Harvard Researchers :

Jenny Pao is Holistic Health Practitioner and Founder of Nectar Essences. To reduce the stresses of the workplace, try Nectar Essences de-stress, unwind for natural stress relief.

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  1. Symptoms of Stress:
    Muscles become tense, digestion slows down, pupils of the eyes dilate, heart pumps blood faster, breathing is faster, Blood Pressure increases and sweating are immediate symptoms.
    Bad temper, poor sleep, domestic conflict, repeated sickness, increased alcohol intake are the initial symptoms.
    Headache, asthma, allergies, stiff muscles, dizziness, vision problems, bowel disorders, backache, skin disorders, palpitation and digestive disorders are the symptoms of continual or repetitive stress.

  2. Stress is not actually an ailment but is a response that is supposed to make the body react in such a way to defend the person experiencing the stress. There are a lot of factors that play into it like emotional, environmental, physical, and mental. Stress is only detrimental when a person fails to function properly or fails to do the things that are needed to be done due to the overwhelming feeling of problems converging on him, work piling up.

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