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Quantum Energetics – touch based therapy for structured healing

Quantum Energetics

Quantum Energetics

Sessions avaible : by appointment only
Areas served : San Francisco Bay Area

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My specialities :

– children and infants who experienced difficult births and related health issues : allergies, skin disorders, asthma, ADHD

– adults with head trauma and sports injury : fatigue, difficulty concentrating, memory loss

– adults with inflammatory conditions including diabetes, cancer and endometriosis

– children and adults who have a difficult time sleeping

– custom flower essence remedies : grief, loss, eating disorders, trauma


Two years ago, I took a hiatus from my holistic health practice to dive full force into the development of Nectar Essences. After two years of intense work, Nectar Essences is now off the ground and I am happy to step back into practice 2 days a week.

My practice is primarily centered around Quantum Energetics, a touch based healing modality (see It can be compared to reiki and acupuncture as it works with the flow of energy or ‘chi’ through the body. I also combine a variety of other therapies into sessions (theta healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, matrix energetics, flower essence therapy and yuen method).

There are many approaches to healing. My belief is that the body has one goal – to thrive. When illness and disease prevail, there is an underlying message that is not being heard. My goal is to decipher this message and translate it to my clients.

Loving touch is the center of every session. TLC and understanding goes a long way in supporting well-being. Where there is fear, healing cannot occur. Where there is love, anything is possible.

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Jenny Pao, Founder

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