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Wisdom Titles – another reason why I need an iphone


I have a Blackberry. It’s very functional. It keeps me in touch and I can type super fast without looking down. I even have a relaxing gong as my ring tone. But as much as I’ve tried to convince myself that I need a Blackberry because I am a business woman, the deep yearning for an iphone just won’t go away.

Now I have even more of a reason to switch to an iphone. My friend, Martin Adams, has launched a wonderful application for the iphone called “Wisdom Titles.” This app lets you read the best books for self-mastery from a cutting-edge ebook reader. Now, how could I ever read anything but an email from my Blackberry curve?

Titles such as “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” and the “Power of Now” are books I’ve had on my list and while I would love to read them, these days I only get to read for about 20 minutes before my head hits the pillow. Wisdom Titles is the perfect solution for busy people, like myself. Now, all I need is an iphone and I can get wise.              

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