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Natural Flu and Cold Remedies – Part 1

It’s been cold here in San Francisco and everywhere I go I hear people coughing. Times are stressful and with stress comes more vulnerability to pathogens. Here is a twist on a time tested ” Ginger Lemon Tea.” I add Rescue Remedy(tm) or 5 flower remedy to my tea to help relieve the emotional stress related to being  “under the weather.”

Rescue Remedy ™ or 5 flower remedy is also one of the ingredients in our aromatic “DE STRESS remedy” at Nectar Essences. Check our website for more info….

Please check back on my blog for more remedies for cold and flu that alleviate cough, congestion, sore throat and fever.

Remedy # 1- RESCUE  ME  TEA

Hot Ginger Lemon Tea w/ Raw Honey

1 tblsp fresh ginger ( peeled and grated)

2 tblsp raw honey

2 cups hot water


optional *( 1/16 tsp cayenne pepper )

* (grated garlic)

Drink. Enjoy and Be Well.

Additional Tips from Jenny :

1) Give your body a fighting chance – eat nutrient rich foods like dark leafy greens and root vegetables in the winter time.

2) Avoid cold foods such as dairy, ice cream, salads and cold sodas. Consume hot soups and broths.

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