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on developing new products

I’ve been in the lab the last couple of weeks creating new products. The ‘lab’ is the creative space I enter when I blend oils and create flower remedies. My lab goes where I go ; the garden, the bathtub, the Presidio, Crissy Fields, the kitchen. Inspiration comes in many forms. My oils sometimes even make it down to the beach where I experiment between hula hooping sessions.

There’s so much to consider when developing a new item. I usually begin by setting an intention. My overall intention for the business is to introduce products that invoke joy, products that are made of the highest quality, products that offer true value to the user. I have some pretty high expectations when it comes to new products which could explain why it took me over a year to create the first 3 sprays (sleep, awake, and de-stress). Then there are all the practical sides of creating a product like cost, packaging, design, etc.

The new products will be unveiled NEXT WEEK. Please check back with us. I look forward to sharing the new healing flower remedies that nurture and support your soul.

U p c o m i n g E v e n t s

We are busy preparing for upcoming events at Nectar Essences.

November 22, 2008 – Workshop on Flower Essences at True Massage and Wellness, SF

December 5, 2008 – Bottling Party in Saratoga, CA

January 6th, 2009 – Workshop at SF Massage Supply for AMA group

January 25-29th, 2009 – NYGFI – We’ve been accepted into the NY Gift Show which is a juried trade show. It’s an honor to be an exhibitor! We will be celebrating our first year of business birthday!

February 20, 2009 – PlayGREEN – We are exhibing here. UC Berkeley’s eco-experiential lifestyle festival for people who want to play, work, and live a greener life.

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Jenny Pao, Founder

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