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Organic Perfume Review : ‘Mudlahara’ by Gaia Perfumes

I found my scent. It has my nose dancing in delight and it has stirred me at the core. Ani Adams is the artist behind the organic fragrance. Keep your ears open for her name…you will be hearing a lot about her in the near future.


“Mudlahara” by Gaia Perfumes

My number 1 pick for grounding perfumes

I would say that my friends and family see me as a rock. A bulwark of strength and earthy groundedness. In recent days, my friends have commented that I seem even more determined and grounded than ever before. I acknowledge this change and I attribute it to the olfactory journey provided by Gaia Perfumes.

The earthen element is a mixture of all 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, space). It is a dense, solid, physical energy embodying the masculine aspect. The earth holds all memories of our ancestors, as well as the vibration of every living thing. Here, there is an instinctive wisdom beyond our cognition.

Parfum Ingredients: Rich, soil-like aromas of moist earth steeped in sandalwood, vetiver,
dark patchouli, sweet seeds of carrot, a mixture of pungent herbs, and mysterious flowers of night blooming jasmine
mixed with hot cinnamon to enliven vital energy.

This Parfum captures the sensation of diving into the core of the Middle Earth, stirring the magical alchemy of the Soul itself. It helps us to let go of fear & lack. This Parfum provides a sense of the ever-present abundance of physical sustenance, nourishment, vitality and the security of being continuously supported by the earth mother Herself.

About me:

As Founder and Owner of Nectar Essences, I make healing aromatherapy sprays for wellness. I wear many hats in my business. I develop the product. I manufacture it. I wholesale, retail, market, pack orders, answer phones. You name it, I do it. There are many aspects to owning a business that are less than glamorous, but t the end of the day, what keeps me inspired is the transformational qualities of organic aromas.

I just love creating new aromas and blending them with healing flower essences to lift mood and to inspire the blossoming of the soul. The ‘lab’ is the place where I remove the “business woman” hat and step into the role of the “artist.” What I love most about creating fragrances is the interaction between my nose and my soul. I know I have discovered the perfect formula when the energies “line up” and I cannot stop inhaling.

I have had the pleasure of smelling Ani’s entire chakra line and time spent exhaling seems like time wasted… all I want is another whiff of her beautiful scents.

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Jenny Pao, Founder

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