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The Sense of Smell Never Sleeps – Flowers for your bedroom

A recent study conducted by German Scientists has brought international attention to the power of flowers for better sleep. Participants reported having better rest and sweeter dreams when exposed to the smell of flowers.

Professor Tim Jacob, an expert in smell and taste at Cardiff University tells BBC News, “Smell is the only sense that doesn’t ’sleep’…other senses have to pass through the ‘gate’ of the thalamus, which is closed when we sleep.”

This study is a good reminder for us to pick flowers instead of counting sheep. Nature has always provided solutions for our ailments. Wise medicine women and men from folk traditions and indigenous healing practices have used flowers as remedies for sleep issues amongst other health concerns. Now science is confirming these truths.

Following this article are some recommendations for flowers that you can bring into your bedroom for sweet dreams & better sleep. If you wish to have flowers in your bedroom year round, check out our SLEEP spray. Our bouquet of 100 percent pure essential oils including night blooming jasmine, organic lavendar and tunisian neroli. Homeopathic flower essences – like Bach flower essences – soothe the restless mind and help you settle in for a night of blissful sleep.

Wildflowers or flowers grown from the garden without the use of pesticides are the best flowers to bring into your bedroom.

Directions : cut a few stems or blossoms and place them in a small vase next to your bed.

Suggested blossoms:

star jasmine

fragrant roses


orange blossoms


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