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Flower essences for People in Prison

Teresita Espinoza-Woters is my flower essences teacher and the head of the Bach Flower Education Center in Chile. She is an amazing woman and has inspired me greatly. Her website ( in spanish) is

Work in a high security prison – by Teresita Espinoza-Woters

We have been working for three years in a high security prison in Arica (northern Chile), in a center that is for people who are in rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol. This has been a very intense and beautiful experience which has now extended to other parts of the prison.

This project started because of the interest of a group of students who were studying to be flower therapists in a course that I was giving in Arica. This group included a social worker, psychologist, a nurse and a doctor. Many of the disorders treated were for issues such as insomnia, nervousness and aggression.

One woman prisoner whose son, also in prison but in the male section, had died the previous day from fatal burns. He had set himself on fire. The degree of pain and desperation of this woman was tremendous. The first flowers we gave her were Star of Bethlehem, Arnica, White Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut, Cherry Plum, Lavender, Walnut and Waratah. This formula was given every 5 minutes. She calmed down immediately.

Another interesting case was a man who was prohibited from seeing us due to his bad behavior. The authorities thought that if we worked with him, it could be seen as a reward for his bad conduct. This man had been in isolation for a week and we had to speak to the Mayor in order to be allowed to see him. The reason why we made such an effort to see and interview this person was because one therapist in our group (a psychologist) had seen an “inner light” inside him.

From a distance, we saw him leave the worst and most dangerous section of the prison escorted by two armed guards. The aura around his body was grey and I told the therapists who came with me to be careful as I was afraid something could happen. We were given a small room in which to meet with him. We brought our case of flower essences. The strangest thing was that when we entered the room, he looked alarmingly at our case. The man thought that we had come to torture him and in the case were tools used for torture. When we realized this, we made a joke about the situation, and then the aura of this man changed from grey to different colors. I then realized that the grey of his aura was showing the fear that he had felt; the fear when he had left the isolation unit and the fear when he had seen us.

However, what astounded me the most were the scars of self-inflicted cuts all over his arms. There must have been about 100 of them. When I asked why he did this to himself, he said that every time he felt anger, frustration or impotence, he would use any type of sharp object to cut himself. Some of these cuts were very deep and others more superficial; but the point is, is that he felt relief when he did this to himself, it even calmed him for a short time. Immediately, we gave him Cherry Plum, Oregon Grape, and Saguaro for little tolerance of frustration and authority. I used Cherry Plum, Dog Rose and Wild Forces together as just one flower.

We also gave him:

Holly, Willow, and Mountain Devil for his anger and aggression

Oregon Grape for deep hostility

Arnica and Star of Bethlehem for all past traumas

Angelica to connect him with his superior being

San Miguel of Saint Germaine for protection

This was a very special experience as in one month he made fundamental changes which allowed him to be transferred to another state where he was closer to his family.

One of the most important areas that needed to be considered within the prison were the guards who work there. They were more incarcerated than the actual prisoners in the sense that they had to spend every 15 days locked inside with the prisoners without being able to leave. We gave flowers to 77 guards (men and women) and also to the Mayor and Chief of the guards.

Our school has put special emphasis in building a network of volunteers. In this way, the practice of social consciousness is developed and made stronger. “God gives us so much and we must give that back.”

We need to strengthen the region of solar plexus. In therapy, a great deal of love is needed in order to be able to listen to such pain and distressing stories and be able to help the patient in some way.

Flower therapy is not a medication to be taken lightly. It is a treatment in which we deepen and uncover areas of much pain. Many times these areas are like decaying corpses that we carry in our vital bodies and aura, and don’t allow us to live our full potential with freedom and love. Also, flower therapy is the medicine of today. It covers different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, allowing us to wake us up to our true reality.

Where were we before flowers?

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