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It’s all in the breath…(try this exercise, you’ll luv it)

On the evening of the Spring Equinox, I went to a beautiful women’s circle hosted by my friend, Rebecca Whitworth. Rebecca (of has hosted circles at her home and spa for the last 6 years. The night was beautiful. A local clothing designer by the name of Paula Fletcher ( brought fun clothes to share with everyone. We all got dressed up (playa style), drank champagne, colored eggs (for fertility, creativity) and shared our wishes for the new spring around the bonfire.

I recently caught up with one of the ladies from the group; Barbara Barnett. Barbara is a healer based out of NYC. She has recently been bringing Nectar Essences into her practice with great response.

Barbara has recorded this amazing breathing exercise and I wanted to share it with you! It takes about 20 minutes. I did it this morning and I am so glad I did it. I feel great.


Barbara Barnett can be reached at 917-856-6014 for sessions.

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Jenny Pao, Founder

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