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Turning 30 and Blooming !

I am a flower petal and you are another petal and you and you and you

together we bloom, hands holding hands,

one hundred fifty million years woven in a loom

together we dream

together we evolve

our hearts leading the way to grace

and grace is the petal vibrant and supple

grace is the petal wilted and brown

grace is the peak and grace is the fall

held delicately, gently, supported,

hypenated, connected, unfolding to the cycle of it all.

– jenny upon turning 30

I turned 30 years old on Monday and I am happier than ever. My life is filled with amazing creative people, my family is healthy and well, and my career brings me greater satisfaction with each day. I feel like I have stepped into my divine purpose and I am living it out every day.

And what is that divine purpose? To live and to love. To enjoy and to spread the joy. I am living, breathing, working, playing, touching, and sensing with the intention of blossoming into my greatest potential.

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Jenny Pao, Founder

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