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Turns out Entrepreneurship is in my blood!

My grandma is visiting my folks in Saratoga for the next two weeks. She lives with my aunt and uncle (my dad’s younger sister) in Los Angeles. She is 87 years old this year and one of the closest people to my heart. Grandma and I had breakfast this morning  (dad ,who is now retired, made us oatmeal, toast, and scrambled eggs). Grandma ate the oatmeal with her favorite ‘fermented soy bean paste’ (sounds gross but it is delicious – like a creamy sweet miso).

After breakfast, grandma watched me prepare some product. She said she has stories for me about my great grandmother on my dad’s side and her home based business, but would tell me when I am done with my work today.

My grandma is a great story-teller and she is so sweet – always patient and giving. I can’t wait to hear her stories and to share them!

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Jenny Pao, Founder

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