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Alyce Santoro & the beauty of Southwest Airlines

Alyce & her Sonic Fabric

On a recent flight, I flew Southwest Airlines and chose a seat next to a beautiful woman named Alyce Santoro. We hit it off immediately and learned a lot about each other during the hour trip from San Diego to San Francisco.

Alyce was headed to SF for an exhibit at the Exploratorium featuring her sonic fabric ; a fabric woven with cassette tap ribbon which produces sound when you move a tape head across its surface. She works with a women’s collective in Nepal and the ladies there hand weave the fabric.

I was returning from the a trip to Los Angeles and San Diego where I was meeting with vendors for my line of organic aromatic remedies ( Nectar essences). I had also attended the Romp Launch party (Organic Couture Fashion House in Hollywood).

As I sat and listened to her explain her creative process, my brain was popping and fizzing with delight. I love art and artists. I love incorporating art into my product and thought about the day when I would be able to  use this fabric into my product line as a cosmetics bag or pouch.

Alyce opened her notebook and handed a piece of the fabric to me. “You can have it!” she said. “The tape has been recorded with chants.”

Now it was my turn for “show and tell.’ I reached into my bag and grabbed a bottle of the ‘Sleep’ Aromatic Spray and handed it to her. She sniffed and delighted in the aroma. Better ‘Sleep’ was exactly what she had been seeking, she said. what divine timing.

So much fun to meet new people 30,000 feet in the air. I love Southwest Airlines.

Down  below you will see a pic of some homeopathics made by Alyce for the 5 ills of society. Click on her website to read the descriptions. Very neat!

Homeopathics for the 5 ills of Society

You can read more about her at:

or visit her website :

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