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Back in the Saddle – My Healing Practice

well, the ROMP party in Hollywood was a success. I met some amazing people and made new industry contacts.

Last week was busy!!! I got back into SF on Wednesday and went straight to a product demo at Rainbow Foods. I spent Thursday & Friday creating a mock-up of a new product. A new vendor needed the mock-up this week for product photography. The catalog is set for spring so I will reveal this ‘secret’ new product then. Will keep you posted …

Recent news at Nectar Essences: Strange Invisible Perfumes in Venice Beach is picking up Nectar and will be our first LA retailer. We are very excited to be selected by a nose who knows! We’ve also been picked up by a large New Age Gift Catalog for their holiday season. yay!

My days have been busy with researching new manufacturers and fulfillment centers in California, new packaging overseas (organic & fair trade of course 🙂 , and busy with the launch of two additional remedies.

Recent news at Jenny QEP : since my move up to San Francisco last August, I have put my healing practice on hold while I got Nectar up to speed. While I was offering nutrition & customized flower essences for clients, I did not do any of the hands-on healing work. This week, I got back in the saddle and saw 5 clients. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! I forgot how much I enjoy being a facilitator for other people’s healing process.

I have also recently taken courses with Cheryl Andersen of New Energetics and incorporated the Yuen Method of healing into my Quantum Energetics Sessions. Yuen Method is a non touch based energetic healing system. It is very powerful and can be done from a distance. I have been conducting Yuen Method sessions for clients over Skype and over the phone. It’s so much fun!

To learn more about healing sessions, log onto

Oriental Magnolia taken in Vallejo

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