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ROMP! Organic Fashion House to Launch in Hollywood

Last week, I announced that my goal for the next year was to only purchase clothing that is made from natural fibers that are grown organically.

Why not? I’ve changed my linens to modal, organic cotton, and silk (the best sleep ever in addition to Nectar’s Sleep Remedy – btw!). I’ve been eating organic foods for a decade. I use truly organic personal care products. My dog eats free-range meats raised by the Quakers. The next step…my closet.

It only makes sense that if I am going to eat organic foods and use organic products that the clothes I put next to my skin are free of pesticides and other chemicals (like fire retardants, toxic dyes,formaldehyde, etc). More importantly, I feel strongly that we should lessen our impact on the planet for the health and well-being of all inhabitants.

It’s funny that shortly after making my decision, I was invited to attend Romp’s launch party in Hollywood. Imagine that! LAW OF ATTRACTION works!

Romp is a couture fashion house featuring the designs of London based designer, Nina Morgan-Jones. Romp’s collections include organic and sustainable leather and suede jackets, bags, shoes, and luggage as well as organic cotton jeans, fashion t’s, suede jumpsuits and home interiors.

Well, I’m off to Hollywood to meet the powerful duo behind ROMP : Nina Morgan-Jones and Romp’s CEO, Greg Sturmer. Will post pics soon.

Thanks Greg and Nina for revolutionizing organic fashion. My closet and the earth thanks you!

Click here to read more about ROMP

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Jenny Pao, Founder

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