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How I met my fairy godfather…

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“Ask and you shall receive” – How I Met My Fairy Godfather!

Last week I asked for help and community – and guess what? I manifested a fairy godfather. His name is Dennis Weaver and like myself, he is a member of the Organic Trade Association. As a member of the OTA, we have access to these wonderful online discussion forums. I posted some questions regarding marketing and low and behold, I met Dennis.

Dennis is fun fun fun. He created a group called “Change your Food…Change your Life.” He is the godfather of Organic Food – shaping the consciousness around healthy living through MUSIC and THEATRE. He’s putting together a great compilation CD of music from jazz to hip hop celebrating organic food.

I’ve met some wonderful people through Dennis and I am so very grateful that my prayers were heard.

Check out this song entitled : Don’t Buy the Lie – Soloman Wyatt & the Sanctified Soldiers AKA 311

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Jenny Pao, Founder

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  1. Jenny!
    Fifi forwarded us your website. It’s so great to hear what you’re doing and I am so glad you posted that song link. I coordinate health programs at Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco and I’m working on bringing healthier food to youth. That song is the best song I’ve heard about healthy food that our kids can relate to…

    I would love to catch up sometime.

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